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Tsukishima Kei (月島蛍) || Haikyuu!! ep 03

[ Shouyou Hinata ]

新堂 愛 Shindō Ai 

how can i stop? Justice is on my side. Justice will prevail. I am kira

hate to break it to you kid but kira is dead


This is my first follow forever in honor of hitting 250 followers, so thank you so much!! I want to thank all the people I follow and those who follow me for making my tumblr experience great! Everyone is so nice and amazing, I love you all. If I forgot you, it was an honest mistake and you can yell at me for it haha! Thanks, everyone~


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himuropls: punk? dork is one thing, but punk? wow im going telling your dad that you are throwing words like that around. Say goodbye to your precious anime

dang it, you’re threatening me again, will you never learn?

yuujinchouu: um you are so rude to Tami you dork



dork?! my street cred is ruined

need-i-remind-you asked: Makoto or Levi?

Kosaki Onodera -> Requested by anon

烏野高校 // 先輩

匿名: Plz don't b rude. Don't send hate.


omg anon you’re so confused you dont understand 

Tami is actually my best friend, (we’ve been friends for more than a year now actually) and like all friendships we tease each other all the time, What you saw was nothing more than that. 

if you need anymore proof


im the izuki in her desc. just like she’s my hyuuga, and way back when I was the connie to her sasha 

but i dont see why you think i was being rude? The message literally just said “ur gay” which has become so ironic on this website that i cant even say it with a straight face